Yerba Buena Gallery Walk

November 17th, 2008

I’ve been trying to go to more art events lately. Not “try” as in “oh, what a drag, but I need to anyway,” or even the very British “I can’t be bothered,” but more like, I really want to, and I need to make space in my life to do this. It’s unfortunate how doing things that you enjoy can seem selfish, especially if you have competing responsibilities of parenting, a day job, etc. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries. We need to restock the creative pond. For me a big part of this is going to museums and galleries, especially during special events like First Thursdays/Fridays and art walks.

On October 25th I attended the Fall Yerba Buena Gallery Walk in San Francisco.

Yerba Buena Gallery Walk

I made a point of visiting the photo-friendly galleries, which was nearly all of them! I’d always been a bit skeptical of the FAQ from Hang Art (aka “HANG”) which states, “Currently HANG does not offer prints or photography…. Fine quality prints and photography can be found at many superb local galleries, so there is less opportunity for HANG to distinguish itself with these products.” (The Hang Art Annex across the street, dedicated to works by women artists, does show photography. Check out the exhibit, “Who’s The Fairest of them All” which includes photos by my friend and colleague Jan Watten.) Happily, it’s true: There are (now) quite a few galleries in San Francisco which feature, or at least include, work by photographers.

The highlights of the Art Walk were visits to two galleries that are relative newcomers:

Baer Ridgway Exhibitions shares an awning with Catherine Clark Gallery, one of SF’s best known galleries. Baer Ridgeway enjoyed the benefit of its neighbor’s packed crowd which spilled over into its own space. And it is a very cool space. The main exhibition area is down a short flight of stairs from the reception area, and has a cozy feeling, almost like being in a den, but with the requisite white walls. The gallery was exhibiting Tim Roda’s photographic series “Family Album.” All the photos were of him and his family, but definitely not what you’d usually expect in a family album. The show ended two days ago. Sorry you missed it. 😉 While I was there I had an opportunity to chat with Kent Baer and Eli Ridgway, both of whom presented themselves with the expected gallery nattiness while at the same time being extremely affable and downright down-to-earth.
"Celebration," Bhalu Monde

“Celebration,” Bhalu Mondhe, acrylic/canvas, 24×24

The other highlight was The Artist’s Alley. I had never encountered a space like this before. The decent-sized room has been carved up with nice, solid, clean, white walls, turning the gallery into a bit of a labyrinth. The benefit of this layout is that they can host a very large number of artists at one time, each getting their own wall or cubby. It is a cross between the white-walled gallery and an art faire. Note to gallery hoppers: The Artist’s Alley had the best snacks, including mini cheesecakes. Yummo! Best of all, I was later informed that I had won a painting by Bhalu Mondhe, contributed by The Artist’s Alley to the gallery walk drawing.

I came home from the Yerba Buena Gallery Walk with my feet hurting, but well snacked, and even more inspired and encouraged. A very worthwhile event indeed.

Michael Singman-Aste
Postdiluvian Photo

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2 responses to “Yerba Buena Gallery Walk”

  1. Jan says:

    Hey Michael,

    What great spirit you have about the art scene. It is good to get rekindled now and again, and I appreciate your enthusiasm. And thanks for the link!

    I’m thinking I need to recharge, and will try the next first Fridays!
    Congratulations on your recent successes!

    See you soon.

  2. Jamie Watson says:

    Yes, you really are inspiring, you know! It was nice to be introduced to your friend Jan’s work – I particularly love her photograph called Tomye.

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