Alameda on Camera 2010

April 8th, 2010

This article originally appeared on April 8, 2010 in The Island. Michele Ellson, editor. 

It’s been said you can’t swing a cat in Alameda without hitting a photographer. As a card-carrying member of PETA I don’t recommend that you test that theory, but the photos in the Frank Bette Center for the Arts’ fourth annual Alameda on Camera prove that there is no shortage of local talent.

The map of Alameda was divided into 48 parts. Each of 48 selected photographers randomly drew a piece of the map, and had 48 hours to photograph within their area. Ninety-two photographers vied for these spots – a huge jump from previous years – making this a truly competitive show.

"Blurring Boundaries" by Lisa Levine and Peter Tonningsen

Panel from "Beverly & Joe - An Alameda Love Story" by Mi'Chelle Fredrick

This year the event was juried by Alameda Magazine’s art director, Debbi Murzyn, and Senior Account Manager Paul Skrentny. Best of Show was awarded to Peter Tonningsen and Lisa Levine. The duo had drawn adjoining sections of the map and decided to collaborate. The result is “Blurring Boundaries,” a pigment print focusing on the naval history of Alameda.

Alameda is famously photogenic, but every year at least one artist draws a less than inspiring section and manages to stitch that silk purse nonetheless. This year that artist was Mi’Chelle Fredrick. Assigned Alameda Towne Centre (you know, South Shore), she photographed the mural outside Bed, Bath, and Beyond and extrapolated it into “Beverly & Joe – An Alameda Love Story,” earning her Honorable Mention.

Others receiving honorable mention or other specialized awards were Virginia Chabre, Susan Lea Hackett, Bonnie Randall Boller, Deborah Griffin, Andrea Dimicelli, Carl Weingarten, John Fitzsimmons, and Susan Tuttle.

"Step into Color" by Jeanette Mei

In the Youth division, with 24 spots available, Jeanette Mei took top honors for her “Step into Color.” Other award winners in this division were Nicolo DeLuca, Caitlin Flores, Samuel Flores, and Laurel O’Connor.

Alameda on Camera is on exhibit at the Frank Bette Center for the Arts through May 1. The Frank Bette Center is located at 1601 Paru Street in Alameda, and their hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Their phone number is 523-6957. 

 Michael Singman-Aste is a curator for satellite exhibits at the Frank Bette Center for the Arts.  

Michael Singman-Aste
Postdiluvian Photo

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